Multiple times a year students may participate in: local, state, national, and international tournaments to put what they learn to the test against other schools

Buddy Week

After each Belt Testing we celebrate all of the accomplishments by allowing all the students to bring their families and friends onto the mat to not only train but to have fun as well.

belt Testing

Every two months students will be tested on what they have learned by their master & instructors, as well as guest masters, to be promoted to the next level.

black belt Test

Twice a year eligible students may go through vigorous testing to not only be promoted to Black Belt, but also be officially citified by the Taekwondo headquarters of the world Kukkiwon

Birthday Party

Students can hold their birthday party at the school to not only have fun unique party but to also show off their skills to all of their friends and families.

4th of July Parade

Each year students and parents have to opportunity to participate in the local 4th of July Parade to not only show off their abilities but to go out and support our amazing community.